Books I have Liked

ISBN: 1591844762, 9781591844761
Author: Douglas Rushkoff

ISBN: 067974195X, 9780679741954
Author: Jane Jacobs

ISBN: 157322829X, 9781573228299
Author: Douglas Rushkoff

ISBN: 0691136408, 9780691136400
Author: Marc Levinson

ISBN: 0374533555, 9780374533557
Author: Daniel Kahneman

At Home in The Universe: the Search for the Laws of Self-Organization and Complexity.
by Stuart Kauffman. ISBN #0195095995

Investigations. by Stuart Kauffman. ISBN #019512104X

The Future of Ideas: The Fate of the Commons in a Connected World.
by Lawrence Lessig ISBN #0375726446

The New Financial Order by Robert J Shiller. ISBN #0691120110